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Midland is touting its new Bike Guardian as “the first motorcycle dashcam” as it offers full HD continuous recording, meaning it will record an entire ride providing video evidence of incidents on...

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29/03/2019    Mag adds second sale

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  There’s double the action at MAG with the addition of their second monthly motorcycle auction. The decision to include a second motorcycle auction into their sales calendar...

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28/03/2019    Leatt Velocity goggles

An extensive range of new goggles from Leatt, the Velocity feature WideVision anti-glare and anti-fog lenses, which are 2.7mm thick for protection from flying debris, are in fact certified as...

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27/03/2019    Forcefield Sport Suit

Claiming to be a unique product, Forcefield’s new Sport Suit is a one-piece armoured base layer designed to fit under leathers for track use, although the company also points out its benefits to...

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26/03/2019    Knox Urbane Pro

The new Urbane Pro is a lightweight armoured shirt that is CE approved as a standalone garment. Designed to be worn either under a jacket or on its own in hotter weather, the Urbane Pro is a...

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