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14/08/2019    Renthal from B&C

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  Renthal has been associated with motorcycling since 1969 starting with the revolution of the aluminium handlebar. Since then they have taken the world by storm in road and off...

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23/07/2019    Dressing the XSR700

Yamaha describes its XSR700 as a modern classic, and it’s retro-themed-with-modern-details styling certainly lives up to that description. The manufacturer also says it has  been built to be...

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17/07/2019    Moto Pro Shifter

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  Gear shifting control for adventurer bikers, turn your single peg into a twin, increasing gear reaction time, on/off road, when you need it the most! Dramatically reducing boot...

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17/07/2019    ALL-NEW S1000RR GETS R&G MAKEOVER

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  The all-new BMW S1000RR has been given the R&G makeover, with the Hampshire-based company offering a range of crash protection and styling accessories. Included in the...

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10/07/2019    Moto ProShifter

A simple device developed to convert the single-peg gear shift method utilised by motorcycles since time immemorial into a double peg.  The inventor of the device was finding that making speedy gear...

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