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01/08/2019    Ducati for Piaggio

A Ducati-branded 12v five terminal regulator/rectifier, which is OEM fit for Piaggio’s Vespa PX Disc models. It can be swapped for faulty items or used to replace the standard AC three terminal...

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31/07/2019    Viper RSV171

A flip-front touring helmet, the Viper RSV171 comes with a factory-fitted stereo Bluetooth system providing an intercom with 650m range and a noise reduction system. Control is via an externally-...

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30/07/2019    Showa EERA Heightflex

Suspension company Showa showed off the latest version of its EERA Electronically-controlled variable damper at the Automotive Engineering Exposition held in Yokohama, Japan, last month. The Showa...

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29/07/2019    Muffle your Monkey

Yoshimura Japan has released a range of exhausts and performance upgrade parts for the new Honda Monkey 125. The GP Magnum is a high-mount silencer with a downturned single outlet and classic...

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26/07/2019    Dunlop TT100 GP Radial

Dunlop's latest tyre is the TT100 GP Radial, aimed at the retro sports roadster market, which comprises machines as diverse as the BMW R NineT, Yamaha XSR and the Kawasaki Z900RS, It incorporates...

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