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14/08/2013    Ventura Mistral adventure pack

Luggage specialists Ventura offer adventure bike riders an alternative to the aluminium 'boxes' commonly associated with these machines. Claiming to combine the best features of hard and soft...

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14/08/2013    P&W Helmetlok

A carabiner-style helmet lock with a four-didit combination barrel lock forming the outward opening side. It can attach to handlebars, frame, any tubing up to 38mm diameter. A separate steel cable...

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13/08/2013    Mac 75th Anniversary roller tool cabinet

The MB7500 toolbox stack is a substantial new double-wall construction toolbox from Mac Tools with over 17 cubic feet of space available. Designed for the professional workshop, it measures H 1,666...

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13/08/2013    Kappa K37 top case

Kappa has released a new 37-litre top case alongside the existing larger K 47 touring csae in its Manta range. Intended to appeal to the urban commuter market, it includes all the range features and...

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13/08/2013    2014 Sherco 305

With all trials heritage of Bultaco behind this brand, the important numbers for this top of the range machine are; weight 68kg, wheelbase 1322 mm, ground clearance 310 mm and SRP is £5300 (slightly...

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