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20/06/2013    Lucas Chain Lube

A reformulation of Lucas Oil's Chain Lube aerosol foam gives it improved overall performance. Applied as foam, it is simple to use and easy to  see, ensuing that every sprocket tooth or chain link...

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20/06/2013    InVision Visor Inserts

From the creator of Fog City, InVision offers a complete range of vision-enhancing visor inserts and Under Tear Offs (UTOs). These include clear, Dark Smoke, photo-chromatic and Polarised options....

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20/06/2013    ACTIV8 Range

Comprising Universal Friction Reducer, Chain Lube, Chain Cleaner and Eurocat, the range is designed to improve the efficiency and economy of motorcycle engines and transmissions. Universal Friction...

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13/06/2013    HJC IS-17 Lorenzo graphics

HJC’s latest development is the full-face HJC IS-17 in two new Lorenzo graphics. The close-fitting internal padding is soft to the touch, removable and washable and  has an antibacterial lining and...

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13/06/2013    Motolux skeleton-hand mirror

Not surprisingly this MotoLux skeleton-hand mirror is designed for the "outlaw biker look" on any cruiser or custom motorcycle. It is supplied with a range of mounting adapters including Yamaha and...

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