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27/07/2018    Mudsling

MachineArt's MudSling is designed to protect the BMW R nineT’s rear suspension, underseat electronics modules and paralever unit from the usual detritus and debris thrown up by the rear tyre....

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26/07/2018    Sports gloves from Oxford

A brace of new sporty handwear from the Witney distributer. The gauntlet style RP-2 2.0 features a full leather palm, a floating carbon knuckle protector and protective air vents on the first  three...

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26/07/2018    Hevik Rock Dark R

 TRIED AND TESTED  It might be the height of one of the hottest summers on record, but the design and production cycle for clothing means that I am having the pleasure of trying a pair of insulated...

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25/07/2018    LS2 Xtra

A new full-carbon off-road helmet, the Xtra uses a wide weave carbon fibre shell, which helps it achieve a weight of 1159g. The shell comes in three sizes and has a long-oval shape for a snug fit....

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25/07/2018    Givi waterproofs

OK, it might not have rained for weeks and most of the grass has turned to straw but you know that eventually the Scorcher from Majorca will come to an end and normal service will resume. Hence it...

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