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25/03/2013    Knox Handroids

Knox has introduced an all-black version of its award-winning Handroid gloves and increased the size range. Available in five colours, the designs have all been updated for 2013 and now come in a...

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25/03/2013    RSD/V&H Slant air intake kit

This high-performance air intake kit from RSD for H-D models combines a slanted carbon-fibre K&N filter with a V&H black-anodised back plate. The slanted filter offers more knee clearance...

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25/03/2013    WK Bellissima 125

WK says its Bellissima 125 combines classic Italian styling with modern technical features and build quality, all at a price that will make sense to a wide range of cost and quality-conscious...

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22/03/2013    LYNX luggage HOOKS

 Lynx Hooks is a new adjustable luggage securing solution which uses a patented interlocking system to provide greater security for luggage fitted on motorcycles and scooters. Lynx Hooks can  be...

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22/03/2013    Vance & Hines Stainless Hi-Output 2-into-1

This stainless-steel, high-output, two-into-one system for Harley tourers is designed to complement modified motors. The TIG-welded stainless pipework is covered by a heat shield with a brushed-...

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