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14/01/2013    Workshop wonder

From RS Workshop Equipment comes this multi-charger for sealed lead acid batteries. Designed to be robust and technically state of the art, it uses toroidal transformers and linear MOSFET technology...

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14/01/2013    Vital Volts

Vital Volts
The CTEK XS 800 Smart Charger is said to maximise the performance of 12V lead-acid batteries. It is easy to connect, spark-proof and reverse-polarity protected. By accurately monitoring battery...

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14/01/2013    Braced belt

Braced belt
Malossi Research and Development has come up with an X-Kevlar belt for the Honda SH300. Malossi says construction of the belt uses a high Kevlar content, which reduces wear and resists stretch under...

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14/01/2013    Get a grip

Get a grip
Vespa PX scooters that have received performance upgrades will benefit from Newfren clutch parts, said to minimise slipping and dragging problems. The plates are made from an asbestos-free carbon...

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14/01/2013    Gates belts it out

Gates belts it out
Belt manufacturer Gates is a world-renowned transmission belt specialist and has recently announced its Boost range of OEM quality replacement belts. These have been designed for the requirements of...

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