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28/03/2013    Stylmartin Stealth boot

Stylmartin has launched a new top-of-the-range racing boot. The Stealth has a focus on safety and has introduced a number of new features including a back spoiler on the Ankle Floating System, a...

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26/03/2013    Givi X.08 X-Modular helmet

Givi's latest flip-front helmet the X.08 X-Modular is homologated as an open and full-face helmet. The thermoplastic shell has a removable/washable, anti-allergenic lining with a removable integral...

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26/03/2013    Interphone GPS Bluetooth

Interphone's GPSBike is the new satnav device with integrated Bluetooth dedicated to motorcycles. The system uses the best technology available and is easy to use, even with gloves, due to its...

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26/03/2013    Nitro battery range for Harleys

The new Nitro HVT battery range is designed and manufactured specifically for Harley-Davidson models, even down to identical terminals, and meets or exceeds the performance of the original equipment...

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26/03/2013    Putoline Oil V-Twin range

Putoline's V-Twin product range promises ‘Unlimited Freedom Powered by Putoline Oil’ and has three major properties which are specifically designed for use in V-Twin engines; reduced wear, minimal...

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