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11/09/2019    WHY DIAMONDBRITE?

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  3 Big Benefits Offer your customers Diamondbrite paintwork protection when they buy a new motorcycle and three big benefits automatically follow;   1) Extra profit – margins...

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11/09/2019    Aero ABS cases

A new, more streamlined, shape for Aero side cases from SW-Motech is made from scratch and UV-resistant ABS. Each case has a capacity of 25 litres and weighs 1.8kg and the styling matches the Urban...

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10/09/2019    Putoline Brake fluid

Putoline has put its new DOT 4 brake fluid into its 20 litre bag-in-a-box for trade users. The fluid is a synthetic high-performance formulation suitable for most motorcycles, with a dry boiling...

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09/09/2019    Black Arrow Glory

Ladies’ clothing specialist Black Arrow has launched a new bomber-style jacket – the Glory. Aping the classic Mod style, the Glory is manufactured with a nylon outer shell over a Kevlar liner and a...

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06/09/2019    Oxford tyre warmers

Oxford’s new tyre warmers are aimed at track day aficionados and bike racers alike. Designed to pre-heat tyres up to approximately 80oC, the warmers are made from heat-resistant fabric reinforced...

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