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23/08/2017    Comms system remote

The Sena RC3 remote control can be clipped onto the sleeve of a riding jacket or attached to the bike and lets the rider avoid having to use fiddly and distracting buttons or switches to use their...

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22/08/2017    Kushitani Vent shoes

Kushitani's latest riding shoe is an updated version of the Vent trainer-style boot. It now features a Vibram sole and a rapid fastening system which is claimed to remove the risk of laces getting...

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22/08/2017    Knox Kenton jacket

Part of the Knox layering system, the Kenton is a fully waterproof mid length overjacket made from a peach-feel fabric with a waterproof and breathable membrane and a cotton lining. It has two...

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21/08/2017    Shocks for ZRX1100/1200

Suspension specialist K-Tech has new gas-filled Razor and Razor Lite shocks to fit Kawasaki's ZRX1100 and 1200 models. The new twin shocks are filled with nitrogen and are said to improve the...

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21/08/2017    Footpegs for BMW GS

Made from electromagnetically-polished billet 420 stainless steel, the Fastway Evo 4 foot peg measures 89 x 57mm and has a three-rail design to help prevent dirt buildup. The studs are adjustable by...

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