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09/11/2018    Tucano muffs for warm digits

When the weather is cold and the fingers feel like icicles, there’s nothing like a muff to keep them toasty. Tucano Urbano’s version is made of neoprene with thermal padding inside and has an...

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09/11/2018    Evotech for Ducati Scrambler

A range of add-ons for the Ducati Scrambler 1100, 1100 Sport and 1100 Special. The aluminium tail tidy is just 540g (compared to the OE’s 1360g) and is made to fit the existing mounting points. It...

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08/11/2018    LS2 Subverter

A new motocross helmet, the Subverter features a Kinetic Polymer Alloy shell said to rival composites for strength and weight. The shell comes in three sizes for comfort and fit and features an...

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07/11/2018    Talk about mudflaps, my bike’s got ‘em

They’re big, they’re rubber, and they stop roadspray from coming off the back wheel and liberally coating the guy behind you. These mupflaps in retro colourways are designed to fit the Scomadi range...

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06/11/2018    Alpinestars Warhorse

A retro-styled urban sport jacket, the CE-certified Warhorse is made from 1.1mm leather with a Nubuck finish and has stretch panels under the arms and inside the elbows for improved fit and movement...

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