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23/12/2019    Mivv Mover

The first new Mivv exhaust for scooters in a long time, the new Mover is a Euro 4 type-approved system said to provide performance as well as aesthetic benefits. It has an oval-section stainless...

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20/12/2019    Oxford backpacks

An update to the Aqua Evo waterproof backpacks sees them made lighter thanks to new construction using lightweight rip-stop material. The ventilation panels have been redesigned to provide more...

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19/12/2019    Casa 225SS kit

Another new power-boosting engine kit from Italian tuning house Casa is now available from VE (UK). The Casa Lambretta 225SS cylinder kit for 200cc Lambrettas is claimed to be the most powerful...

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18/12/2019    Denali S4

The S4 is the first model in the new S-Series product line. It features the same high-intensity LEDs as Denali’s D-Series lights, but uses a single-piece optic and sealed beam construction to reduce...

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17/12/2019    Kappa Rambler Racer

Retro-style soft luggage for the cafe racer community, the new waterproof Rambler Racer range consists of a pair of side bags, a saddle bag, a tank bag and a compact tool bag. The side bags have a...

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