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13/05/2021    NMDA Comment on April motorcycle registrations

“Power Two Wheelers (PTWs) have shown a significant year-on-year increase of 570% (10,874 units). With the lockdown in April 2020 preventing dealers from making sales, this month’s figures should...

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13/05/2021    On the Money

In the first quarter of this year, UK sales of road-legal electric motorcycles and scooters more than doubled, a fact that must have had sparky fanatics squirming in ecstasy. Of course, their...

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To celebrate the month when Covid almost completely shut down motorcycle retailing a year ago, wildly distorted MCIA registration statistics for April make discerning real market performance a...

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12/05/2021    The latest off-road news

Fantic Motor announced the acquisition of 100% of Motori Minarelli shares from Yamaha Motor Europe in January this year. Much flag waving ensued as the engine manufacturer was brought back under...

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12/05/2021    Business Essentials – More help for firms

Politics to one side, the government has acted in a way that no government ever has – not even in war time – to support businesses and the population at large in countering the threat posed to the...

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