Saturday, July 20, 2024


On the basis of truly minimalist information, we know that BMW Motorrad’s performance in the three quarters of 2019 to 30 September was excellent. BDN financial editor Roger Willis reports.

According to the 34-page BMW Group quarterly statement, segmental retail sales volume during this nine-month period rose by 8% to a total of 136,932 motorcycles and maxiscooters. Associated revenue was 12.8% up to £1.613bn. Resultant operating profit was 8.7% up to £194.9m, although operating margin declined slightly to 12.1% from 12.5%. Pre-tax profit from bikes improved by 8.3% to £191.5m.

The statement also included parallel numbers and far more detailed portrayals of both BMW’s automotive and financial services segments. But any similar treatment for the motorcycle business was entirely absent — as it had been missing from the half-yearly statement three months earlier. Previously, data on sales positioning in major bike markets and the progress of particularly successful models were featured.

The rumour that such suddenly secretive behaviour is a precursor to BMW Motorrad operations being hived off into a rump Teutonic alliance with Pierer Mobility is obviously fake news. Maybe…  


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