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Despite a 10% drop in its total annual motorcycle sales volume to 5.218 million units, Yamaha prospered during 2015.

According to full-year financial results to 31 December, Yamaha’s global revenue from bikes rose by 3.9% to £6.1bn — comprising 62.9% of entire turnover. Associated operating profit shot up by 39.1% to £192m.

Sales in the massive Asia-Pacific region fell by 11.1% to 4.286 million units. But by focusing on higher-priced models in countries that were still relatively buoyant, Yamaha actually managed to increase Asian revenue by 2.7% to £3.78bn.

Europe was a particularly cheerful story, with credit attributed to Yamaha’s MT range. Sales volume grew by 9.4% to 209,000 units. Revenue was 17.4% up at £818.1m. North America delivered too, with volume rising by 12.7% to 89,000 units and revenue increasing by 26.6% to £405.9m.

Driven by improving side-by-side ATV sales in the US, the Power Products division also performed well. Revenue rose by 13.5% to £970m. Operating profit was 102.5% up at £79m.

Overall corporate revenue for the 12 months was 6.2% up at £9.7bn. Operating profit put on 38% to £723.5m. However, net profit was 12.3% down at £360.6m, owing to punitive tax demands from US and Japanese fiscal authorities relating to transfer-pricing.


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