Wednesday, May 22, 2024


European motorcycle industry association ACEM has unveiled its safety strategy in response to the EU’s target of a 50% reduction in road fatalities and serious injuries by 2030. Presumably Britain’s MCIA, which remains an ACEM member, had some involvement — although content will have no bearing whatsoever on the UK after the end of this year, for obvious reasons.

Evocatively entitled “The safe ride to the future 2.0”, this policy document sets out the motorcycle sector’s vision for what the EU calls “Horizon 2030”, in areas such as advanced safety technology and connectivity. It also elaborates on an ACEM initiative to increase the standard of post-licence motorcycle training through a European Training Quality Label and describes how ACEM is working with other European and national stakeholders, to promote the implementation of transport policies that encompass motorcycle safety.

Commenting on the document, ACEM secretary general Antonio Perlot said: “There are more than 34 million motorcycles, scooters and mopeds in use across Europe. These bring considerable benefits, such as affordable mobility and reduced traffic congestion levels, as well as enjoyment through activities such as leisure mobility, sports and tourism. The motorcycle industry calls upon policy-makers to embrace inclusive mobility and safety policies, benefiting users as well as the rest of society.”

Ironically, ACEM’s safety strategy was developed in conjunction with European coordinator for road safety Matthew Baldwin, a British-born bureaucrat still on the Brussels payroll.

Pictured: ACEM secretary general Antonio Perlot (left) and European road safety coordinator Matthew Baldwin (right) presenting the policy document.


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