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crowdfunding bid by new motorcycle manufacturer

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to finance the production of the Vanguard motorcycle unveiled recently in New York.

The new brand was launched at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show (9–11 December).
The company says the debut of its first prototype, the Roadster, met with “great interest at the press unveiling and received significant attention from the nearly 60,000 attendees over the event’s three days”.
Since the show, the Brooklyn-based motorcycle company says it has received more than 150 press articles from international and national media outlets representing the financial, fashion, transportation and lifestyle industries. “The interest has been beyond our expectations and extremely positive,” said Francois-Xavier Terny, Vanguard’s CEO. “We are very pleased with the launch and now look forward to building on this momentum.”

To learn about Vanguard’s crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, visit:
One of the most talked about aspects of the Roadster is its price, says Vanguard. Starting at $29,995 (£24,500) – a price achievable “thanks to Vanguard’s design, sourcing approach and modular production process”. It says many journalists and attendees alike were impressed with what Vanguard refers to as “a premium motorcycle within reach”.
Additionally, Vanguard founders want the brand to be accessible to all. “We recognise there is a lot of enthusiasm for what we are doing but not everyone will be able to purchase one of our motorcycles,” says Terny. “As a result, we want to offer another way for people to have ownership in the Vanguard brand and this is through crowdfunding. As a start-up company, I can’t think of a better way to help raise needed capital while providing accessibility to supporters.”


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