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fema welcomes EC's mobility strategy

The European Commission has published its Third Mobility Package, which gives special attention to vulnerable road users, including motorcyclists. This communication concerns road transport and is called Europe on the move, Sustainable Mobility for Europe: safe, connected and clean. One of the conclusions is that “mobility is the cornerstone of freedom of movement of people and goods, which is fundamental to the smooth functioning of the European Union”.

According to FEMA –  the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations – several elements in the communication are important for motorcyclists. “In fact, one of our wishes comes true,” says FEMA general secretary Dolf Willigers in a press release response.

“The European Commission gives special attention to vulnerable road users, including motorcyclists.”

Willigers continues: “The European Commission uses the ‘Safe System’ approach that accepts people make mistakes and aims to ensure that such mistakes do not give rise to fatalities or serious injuries. As part of this Third Mobility Package, the Commission is adopting two proposals to further the goal of road safety. One aim is to transform EU vehicle safety standards to include, for example, the latest safety features, and the other to improve safety management of road infrastructure. The Commission also plans a new procedure to map the risks of accidents.

“One of the most important measures, however, is the plan to extend the scope of legislation beyond the Trans European Transport Network (TEN-T) to primary roads relevant to cross-EU transport. Have they really listened to us? This is exactly what FEMA has been asking and lobbying for.”

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