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flying motorcycle cleared for take-off

Bike fans will not see any at Motorcycle Live this week (runs at the NEC until 24 November), but flying motorcycles may soon be coming over the horizon. JetPack Aviation (JPA) has secured funding to begin production of its Recreation Speeder flying motorcycle.

The project has been backed by venture capital firms including Draper Associates, Jaan Tallinn, Y Combinator and Catheis Ventures.

JPA plans to build two versions of the machine, one for use by private individuals, and one for use by military and government services – getting paramedics or field doctors to a patient quicker or even resupplying troops faster and more stealthily than a helicopter.

The Recreational Speeder needs no licence to be flown and flight training is to be provided by JPA. The private model is restricted to carrying 22 litres of fuel and is limited to 60mph. The commercial version is claimed to be capable of 150mph and has 12,000lbs of thrust. Both versions are said to have a 15,000ft flight ceiling.

Now funding is secured, JPA plan to build 20 of the private models of the machine, Each one requiring a $10,000 deposit and costing $380,000 (£293,000) – although for that you get the bike, a suit and a helmet!


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