Sunday, May 26, 2024

general election THREATENS ISLE OF MAN TT

Concerns are being raised over UK prime minister Theresa May’s inconsiderate decision to call a snap General Election on 8 June — the eve of this year’s blue-riband Isle of Man Senior TT race on 9 June.

The impact of frenzied electioneering during both TT practice and race weeks will extend to massive media distraction, potentially cutting TV audiences and press coverage for what is obviously a much more important event, as well as reducing attendance among British fans who fail to apply for postal votes in time.

In particular, a mass boycott by members of the CZ Owners Club is anticipated. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is both a former motorcyclist and keen CZ enthusiast, and they are expected to miss their annual Manx outing in favour of campaigning on his behalf.

Of course, should the remote possibility of a Labour victory ensue, perhaps Mr Corbyn could be persuaded to ride a CZ-mounted parade lap in his honour next year.


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