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Halvarssons and Lindstrands brands change hands

The Swedish Halvarssons and Lindstrands brands will be under Finnish ownership as of 1 December after their acquisition in a deal between owner Jofama and Duell Bike-Center Group. The deal includes transfer of brand ownership, product development, sales staff and current product stock.

Duell Bike-Center Group is an import company established in 1983 in Mustasaari, Finland, with imported products sold in Finland, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania through their dealer network. The import range of Duell includes clothing, equipment and spare parts for motorbikes, mopeds, ATVs, in addition to boating supplies.

Duell is the market leader of powersports products in Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltic nations and represents, among others, Oakley, Scott, Alpinestars, HJC, and Schuberth riding apparel, and Pirelli, Metzeler, Dunlop, Fox, and Brembo technical products.

The group employs 90 in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia, and the consolidated turnover for 2019 is expected to reach 55 million euros. Duell has logistic centres in Mustasaari in Finland and Tranås in Sweden.

The Halvarssons and Lindstrands have designed riding apparel for motorbike riding for 70 years. The brands say their product philosophy is based on high-quality craftsmanship, which has brought them clients such as the police forces of Sweden, the UK and the Czech Republic, all having used Halvarssons riding apparel for a number of years.

The jackets, trousers, underwear, footwear, bags, and gloves of both brands are CE-certified, which means that the clothing conforms with the EU’s highest safety categories for riding equipment.

Halvarssons says it designs and manufactures traditional, extremely durable and safe motorbike and snowmobile apparel for the Scandinavian climate. Lindstrands started manufacturing motorbike footwear back in the 1950s, and today produces riding apparel for people who want to stand out from the crowd and enjoy a life of adventure. With its broad product range, Lindstrands says it has become particularly popular among enduro and adventure rider enthusiasts.

Jarkko Ämmälä, CEO of Duell Bike-Center Group, said: “We are very proud to incorporate into our family these legendary Swedish brands that are renowned for their high quality. From now on, Duell faces the familiar business from a slightly different perspective, as we will also be operating on the market as a manufacturer of apparel for motorcycle and snowmobile riders under our brands Halvarssons and Lindstrands. We will also be continuing the path shown by Jofama in seeking new growth and popularity for these brands in the future.”

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