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livewire goes live as Harley starts taking deposits

Harley-Davidson has started taking European pre-orders for the all-new electric LiveWire motorcycle. Interested parties can visit the Harley-Davidson website to discover their nearest authorised LiveWire dealer and place a pre-order deposit at their selected dealership. With limited availability for 2019 and strong interest already shown the company advises swift action to prevent disappointment. Only those dealerships nominated as authorised Harley-Davidson® LiveWire™ retailers will be able to take a deposit and secure a pre-order motorcycle from the initial European allocation. First deliveries are due in autumn of 2019.

Steve Lambert, Harley-Davidson international marketing director, said: “We’re really excited to announce that pre-orders for LiveWire will open in Europe on 15 April. We’ve had an unprecedented level of interest in the bike, with so many people wanting to be first to get their hands on it. We’re looking forward to delivering the new LiveWire to those lucky owners in autumn.

“LiveWire is such an exciting new product for the company and an incredible riding experience. We’re confident that demand will outstrip initial supply so urge anyone who does want one of the first bikes in Europe to make sure they contact their nearest authorised dealer as soon as possible to secure their bike.”

The LiveWire motorcycle is said to represent the future of Harley-Davidson and the company says it offers high-performance electric propulsion, evocative design, and cellular connectivity to today’s rider. “The LiveWire’s H-D Revelation powertrain delivers extreme power in a seamless rush while the simplicity of operation allows the rider to focus more completely on the real thrill of motorcycling – the dynamic sensations of acceleration and motion. LiveWire can accelerate from 0 to 60mph (0 to 100kph) in 3.0 seconds and 60 to 80mph (100 to 129kph) in 1.9 seconds. The high-voltage battery provides 140 miles (225km) of city range or 88 miles (142km) of range combined, measured using the MIC City and MIC Combined use cycle at 70 mph.”


LiveWire’ can be recharged using an on-board Level 1 charger plug into a standard 120-volt (or 240-volt) household outlet with a power cord that stores below the motorcycle seat. Level 1 RPH (range per hour) of charging time is 13 miles for each hour of charging; the LiveWire motorcycle is expected to get a full charge overnight with Level 1 charging. Alternatively, a Level 3, or DC Fast Charge (DCFC), may be used to charge the LiveWire motorcycle through an SAE J1772 connector (CCS2 – IEC type 2 charging connector in European and some other international markets). All Harley-Davidson dealers who retail the LiveWire motorcycle will offer a public DCFC charging station. Level 3 RPH (range per hour) of charging time is 192 miles for each hour of charging. That is 0-80% DC Fast Charge in 40 minutes. 0-100% DC Fast Charge in 60 minutes.


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