Saturday, July 20, 2024


According to an annual survey carried out by the Isle of Man Government’s Department for Enterprise, both the number of TT visitors and the amount they spent at the 2019 event rose. BDN financial editor Roger Willis reports.

The survey claimed that attendance hit a nine-year high, with visitor headcount across the festival fortnight climbing by 4.1% to reach 46,174. Their numbers peaked on 2 June (Mad Sunday), 6% up to 28,188.

Some 64.9% of them had visited the TT previously and 25.5% had been to other road-racing events on the Isle of Man — the Festival of Motorcycling (Manx Grand Prix and Classic TT) in August and Southern 100 in July.

On average, TT fans stayed on the island for 6.8 nights and spent £801 per person. This totalled £37.5m, a 1.1% improvement, and injected 27.1m into the Manx economy. A figure for the IoM Government Treasury yield has yet to be revealed

However, the survey didn’t have cyclical consequences of climatic conditions within its remit. It merely noted that, after 2017’s 6.2% growth, overall attendance in 2018 had been 1.5% down. But then absolutely glorious weather throughout TT fortnight last year was obviously a major contributor to attendance recovery this year — when rain and hill fog wiped out most of practice week’s activity and massively disrupted the subsequent race programme. Regaining visitor confidence next year is bound to be a struggle.    



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