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Ural reveals an all-electric combination prototype

Ural has unveiled an all-electric combination prototype powered by Zero motorcycle technology. Zero provided engineering support for the project.

The electric Ural is to be displayed at the Progressive Motorcycle Show in Long Beach between 16-18 November and the manufacturer is organising demo-ride events to collect feedback.

Although there is no immediate plan to go into production, Ural says it will be looking at market research, consumer and industry feedback and that it would take about two years to put into production.

“We always knew our sidecar was the perfect platform to build an electric motorcycle because it can offer what regular two-wheeled motorcycles don’t: passenger comfort, stability and safety, not to mention more space for batteries,” says Ilya Khait, president and CEO of Ural Motorcycles. “We’re very happy with the results. At a glance it’s still a Ural, but the electric bike offers a totally new experience. And it accelerates very quickly – for a Ural … Overall it’s a fun and very versatile vehicle that you can use almost like a car.”

IMZ-Ural has been manufacturing motorcycles with sidecars since 1939, first for the military during the Second World War and later for civilian use.

Today, Ural Motorcycles is led by a small team in Redmond, Washington, which coordinates worldwide distribution and works directly on development with the factory in Irbit, Russia.


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