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acid-attack rider protest blocks central London

Hundreds of scooter and moped riders brought Westminster to a standstill yesterday by staging a major protest against a recent spate of acid attacks across London, one of which targeted Scootech general manager David Rosenberg.

Activists blocked Parliament Square on Tuesday afternoon to call for a crackdown on acid attacks and motorcycle thefts.

Couriers and delivery drivers met at Altab Ali Park, in Whitechapel, at midday before riding in convoy to central London.

A series of motorcycle crime prevention groups met outside the Ace Café on the North Circular before travelling into Westminster for the protest, which began at about 2pm.

Moped riders used their vehicles to block up the roads around Parliament Square and beeped their horns during the protest.

On Monday, a 16-year-old boy denied any involvement in the multiple attacks of last Thursday when he appeared at Stratford Youth Court charged with 13 offences.

Ashraf Ahmed, 38, a Deliveroo driver from Bromley, said he was threatened with a knife while he was out on his moped two days ago. “I have kids, I have a wife, I have my family and no-one’s bothered.

“I’m scared. We want to stop acid attacks, motorbike crime. That’s why we are here.”

Meanwhile, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has today called for the Government to introduce a “zero-tolerance approach” to combat acid attacks following a number of assaults in the capital.

“While acid attacks are relatively rare occurrences, there has been an increase in incidents in the capital in recent months. This is particularly frightening for those who ride a scooter in London.”

In particular, the mayor wants to see tougher sentences for those who carry acid; a clarification of sentencing guidelines for judges so that “those found guilty of committing acid attacks get the punishment they deserve”; and a clampdown on the sale of corrosive substances.

He also wants additional support for victims.

The mayor told BDN: “Acid attacks are callous and horrific and my thoughts are with all those affected. The emotional impacts of disfiguring and lifelong scarring are truly devastating for innocent victims. 

“The Metropolitan Police takes these attacks extremely seriously and is doing everything in its power to tackle them. However, we need a new zero-tolerance approach as a country if we are to rid the streets of this scourge.”





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