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Bennetts expands modification cover

Bennetts has expanded its modifications policy to include permanently fixed accessories as standard and will replace them on a like-for-like basis, even if they are fitted after market.

The accessories, which no longer need to be declared, include fixed panniers, top boxes, side boxes, grab rails and sport racks up to a value of £400 per claim.

The insurer estimates the change will benefit almost 2% of its current policy holders.

Brady Hoines, Head of Commercial, Bennetts, said: “Our aim is to provide a simple and transparent policy that avoids confusion. While many riders choose to attach top boxes and panniers to their bikes, often they are not sure what needs to be declared.

“Three years ago, we revolutionised our policies to include 16 of the most common modifications as standard, more than any other insurance broker. We are now proud to introduce permanently fixed accessories cover and in the unfortunate event of a claim we stand by our customers ensuring modifications and accessories are fully reinstated.”


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