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bid to tackle drug and acohol abuse in off-road sport

The Auto Cycle Union (ACU) and Amateur Motor Cycle Association (AMCA) have adopted a joint approach to tackle what they say is the increasing issue of drug and alcohol abuse.

The two organisations are holding internal seminars to educate directors and officials about substance abuse and the impact it has on health and safety in the port.

With the focus on safety for competitors, officials and spectators, the two organisations are increasing the number of drug and alcohol tests to ensure adherence to their policies.

The ACU and AMCA have commissioned the expert services of Racoo Screening to deliver a series of educational seminars and random drug and alcohol testing at events to help address the problem.

Assistance for those suffering from drug and/or alcohol abuse will be provided by a number of existing free support mechanisms; however those providing positive test results face an instant ban of two years in line with FIM regulations.


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