Thursday, July 18, 2024
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big brother watch urges action

Big Brother Watch is urging users of the digital economy to email their MPs this weekend to register their fears over state surveillance.

The company is concerned about Part 5 of the Digital Economy Bill, which is back in Parliament on Monday. The Bill will give the power to a government minister or a council official to decide how the personal information about us is used, shared and stored.

“We are concerned that Part 5 of the Bill will stop us all having any say about how our personal information is used,” says Big Brother Watch.

“Sharing data with government is important to get good services, but it is also important that we know what is happening to our data, how it is used and if it is being kept safe. With so many stories about our personal information being lost, government should be 100% clear that whatever we share with them is safe and sound. This Bill doesn’t offer any reassurance.”  

Big Brother Watch suggests anyone charing its concerns should:
•    Share its campaign on Facebook and Twitter.
•    Print and share its Factsheets with friends and family.
•    Email your MP. You can find out who your MP is here.


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