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Bike restorer marks first decade of ‘crazy mad’ demand

For a “little stinky back street shop” Cornwall Bike Restoration has done pretty well for itself over the past 10 years. It is celebrating its first decade in Helston happy in the knowledge that it has sold 700 Lexmoto motorcycles and three of the recently acquired sister brand UM.  It has also just taken on Quadzilla, and shop owner Adrian “Fred” Flanagan, a Glaswegian who set up after leaving the Navy, is effusive about the state of the business.

“The restoration side is still crazy mad. We are just mad all the time, and that’s the truth. It’s as good as it gets.

“New bike sales are a bit slow but considering we are a little stinky back street shop in the middle of nowhere we are doing well,” said Flanagan.

Cornwall Bike Restorations – which doesn’t do any marketing and relies on Lexmoto’s online ‘Find a dealer’ facility – can sell five or six small commuter motorcycles a month, even when it’s quiet, and there are spells when it can move five or six machines a week.

“It’s very hard to predict,” said Flanagan, “but we have been doing them for 10 years now and we have sold 700 Lexmotos.

“Lexmoto pricing has always been very competitive and that’s why we sell so many down here.”

Cornwall Bike Restoration, which employs two mechanics, was so busy on the classics front that a backlog forced it to close its books.

“If we get clear we will still do restorations but really the new bike sales are what is putting money through the till at the minute.”

Pictured are ‘Fred’ Flanagan, right, and Herbie who does servicing, metal fabrication, and welding.  Absent is Arthur, the other mechanic

Full story in the September issue of BDN



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