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BMW C evolution qualifies for £1500 plug-in subsidy

BMW’s revolutionary C evolution electric scooter has qualified for a £1500 grant thanks to a new government initiative aimed at further boosting ultra-low emissions vehicle sales.

The new £35 million package was recently unveiled by Transport Minister John Hayes, with funding going towards grants for buyers along with a commitment to increase the number of chargepoints on streets and places of work.

An initial £3.75 million is being made available for motorcycle and scooter riders, providing them with up to 20% off the cost of an electric motorcycle or scooter. Buyers will be able to claim a maximum discount of £1500, reducing the cost of the current standard BMW C evolution price to £10,730 from £12,230. The price of the new, longer-range BMW C evolution Plus will be reduced to £12,000 from the current £13,500 with the grant deduction. or call 0800 777 155.


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