Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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British Extreme Championships

The ACU British Extreme Championship has kicked off and is again hosted by Fast Eddy Racing for the tenth year in a row. This sector of the sport, Extreme or Hard, is definitely on the up for both participants and spectators.

Another area of the sport in the ascendancy is the ACU Sprint Series also hosted by, you’ve guessed it, Fast Eddy Racing. The format for this series involves two-day events and is something of an Enduro/MX crossover. These events are based on Enduro-type terrain but without the time-check element and with either one or two Enduro and MX style tests thrown in. Riders are timed on each test with all times combined to compile the results at the end of each round.

Never fear, the traditional British Enduro Championship series is still with us and enjoys continued support from Michelin Tyres. Riders interested in gaining Championship points must register via the ACU entry system before 9 April.


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