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brush up with an HMRC webinar

HMRC writes:

For some of you it’s closing the last tax year, for others it’s staying up to date with day to day payroll.

Are you a new employer starting to learn the ropes or an old hand who wants to know about the changes to the expenses and benefits rules?

Our webinars have something to help you whether you need to learn or want to check that you are up to date.

Do you know what to do when an employee is sick? Join our webinar to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

8 June     13.00 to 14.00      Statutory Sick Pay

Want more information on the new P11D rules, or even a quick refresher? Here’s a new webinar on expenses and benefits that covers what you need to do.

9 June     9:00 to 10:00       PAYE – Expenses and Benefits


If you’re still to finish your end of year P11Ds time is running out. Our PAYE end of year expenses and benefits ‘drop-in’ webinar will help you meet your deadlines. Join for as long as you like between 11 and 1, ask questions and get answers.

This opportunity only happens at this time of year.

9 June     11:00 to 13:00     PAYE: end of year expenses and benefits P11D

Thinking of using our free Basic PAYE Tools (BPT)? Take the chance to learn from this webinar designed for first time users of the BPT.

10 June    11:00 to 12:00     Using the Basic PAYE Tools for the first time (for 9 or fewer employees).


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