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Business Lessons in Lockdown – Number 2 – Declutter for clarity

In the second instalment of Dan Sager’s “Business Lessons in Lockdown”, he tackles office clutter and how it cramps your style:

My first lesson in lockdown was that it’s simple to go paperless when you don’t have a printer. That was just the beginning. Next I discovered how little stuff I needed for my business to function.

When the Government advised us to work from home, if we could, I took the office PC and a box containing essential bits and pieces (back-up disc, banking paraphernalia, etc.), and set up shop in the back bedroom.

Eight weeks later and I’ve only needed to pop back twice to retrieve some small item that I’d overlooked. Which begs the question, what is the point of all the other stuff in my office?

There are two desks and chairs, two shelf units, a book case, a small set of desk drawers and a tall cabinet. Plus a large printer/scanner, coat stand, assorted empty cardboard boxes and various cartons of samples that I plan to return to suppliers the next time we meet. If I remember to take them with me.

Back at home I have a desk and a chair, although, in fairness, the bed is being used as additional storage space. Apart from the fact that a cramped workspace affects productivity, it makes no economic sense to rent expensive office space to store things you don’t really need.

Like those television programmes where they visit hoarders and declutter their houses, the time has come for a major spring clean and the removal of excess furniture, so there’s nowhere to put junk in future.

Business Lessons in Lockdown comes from marketing specialist and BDN columnist Dan Sager of Fab-Biker PR. Find out more at


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