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Commuter motorcycles and scooters erase the lockdown slump

Combined PTW registrations increased by 31.2% over last August at 9,087 units.  Within the latest MCIA figures, motorcycle registrations were up by an impressive 28.1% on August 2019 to 6,437 units, while 2,650 new scooters hit the streets, up an astonishing 39.5%. 

Year to date figures are also making up for lost time, with the total PTW market now only 11.7% behind the first eight months of 2019, a gap that continues to close each month. 

Registrations of electric PTWs for the year to date grew 38.7% to 1,350, with most of these benefitting from the ability to be charged from a conventional three-pin plug and many featuring removable batteries that mean the vehicle doesn’t have to be near the charger.

Each one of these new, low or zero emission PTWs is easing its rider’s journey, by keeping costs down, providing isolated transport, reducing congestion and freeing up time for things other than travel.

The MCIA commented; “More and more Brits are appreciating the benefits of travel by Powered Two-Wheeler (PTW), as registrations of motorcycles and scooters continued the trend of growth, seen every month since the lifting of lockdown.

“Such is the demand for small commuter-type bikes and scooters that the effects of lockdown on this category have been completely erased, with year to date 2020 registrations 4.3% ahead of January-August last year. These PTWs, with motors of up to 11Kw or 125cc, can be ridden upon completion of a straightforward Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course, with no test required, making the transition to powered two wheels an exceptionally accessible option.”


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