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commuting by bike is back as regis exceed 114,000

Commuting on powered two-wheelers is back, according to the latest MCIA statistics, which reveal that more “commuter” motorcycles and scooters were sold during 2015 than since comparative records began in 1983.

The MCIA also reported that total registrations for machines of all sizes were up 12.7% in 2015.

During 2015 more than 43,700 new motorcycles (including scooters) between 101-125cc were sold. This sized motorcycle is a very popular size for commuting.

Steve Kenward, CEO of the MCIA, says news about sales of new motorcycles between 101-125cc is consistent with anecdotal evidence that commuting via motorcycle is becoming more popular: “We’re seeing an increase in sales of new motorcycles of all sizes, but our records show that we’ve never seen as many bikes of this size sold before.  We think it is likely that they are being used for commuting, as they are economical to run and easy to park.

“Motorcycle dealers have been reporting an increase in families swapping a second car for a motorcycle, to beat the misery of sitting in traffic during rush hour. Motorcycles and scooters can filter through slow-moving traffic and are tremendous fun, with riders tending to rate their commute more enjoyable than other transport users.”

This view is supported by a one-off survey by the Office for National Statistics which examined the impact of commuting patterns on people’s levels of anxiety, happiness and satisfaction. This showed that for journeys up to 30 minutes there was no effect on levels of happiness or anxiety for those who rode a motorcycle, moped or scooters to work. In contrast – for journeys between 15 and 30 minutes – those who walk, cycle, drive a car or take the bus – all experience an adverse increase in some or all of the factors measured.


Sales of new motorcycles of all sizes fell dramatically during the recession but recovery began during 2011 when the sale of small motorcycles began to rise along with petrol prices.

The rise for new sales in 2015 builds on an increase of 10% for 2014.

Steve Kenward predicts total sales will continue to increase: “We anticipate 2016 will see further growth on 2015 numbers and predict sales of around 124,000, which we will refine further during the year.”

The best-selling motorcycle in the UK for 2015 is Honda PCX-125, which manufacturers report does 133mpg.

See the full ONS report at:


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