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Well that’s been quite a journey and one I certainly won’t forget. I had wanted to write a short piece a week ago, but time just seemed to be slipping away.

It looks as though most dealerships are now fully open and certainly selling bikes, the interest seems to be healthy and as I’ve said before motorcycles and scooters are safe. They are also fun economical and above all easy to use. Particularly useful in cities where you can normally squeeze one’s self through the traffic, but normal isn’t where we are at today, anything but normality has returned.

However, the advantages of two wheels verses the tube or bus are now at the fore front of the consumers mind. The MCIA have launched there ‘Unlock Your Freedom’ campaign which by now I’d hoped you would have had some communication about by the manufacturers that you represent. This needs us all to get behind and push the message.

The MCIA have already secured some good airtime on radio and the support of a whole number of businesses that are allied to the motorcycle industry. Everyone I speak to in the trade seems very positive and all are looking forward to some sort of two wheeled resurgence. The fact that the Government has done such a good job of telling us all we are going to catch Covid-19 the second we step onto public transport, has maybe just allowed us to reassess our acceptance of risk and our desire to live our lives to the full.

In business there will be some winners and some losers, those that have remained open in some sort of capacity will undoubtedly be better placed to look after and service their customers. Those that still have the doors shut possibly have good reasons for doing so but I would have thought they are missing some prime retail opportunities.

The NMDA has a raft of support mechanisms that are there to help their members with Legal issues, including the minefield of employment law and that new word that was created on the evening of the 23rd of March, ‘furloughed’. Possibly furlough is like crack cocaine for business; almost impossible to get off but at some point it must end and we will all have to stand on our own two feet, so let’s build the legs of our businesses thus enabling us to stand tall and sell. 

The NMDA committee is currently meeting by conference call any NMDA member is welcome to join in the next call, so please email [email protected] to get the call number and pin code. The next conference-call is on Wednesday 24th June at 11.00am and should last no longer than one hour.

Philip Youles, Chairman of NMDA




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