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crackdown on moped-enabled crime

Police are considering tougher tactics to tackle an on-going wave of moped-enabled crime in London.

The increase in scooter robberies has hit parts of London, with other parts of Britain also reporting cases. Officers are concerned scooter gangs may increasingly be prepared to use or threaten violence.

Police officers need special permission to give chase because of the risk that the young thieves may suffer serious injury, or a member of the public will be hurt by them, as the suspects try to evade capture.

Chief Supt Peter Ayling, in charge of policing in Westminster said: “With bikes there is an increased risk to riders should police pursue. Often they are so reckless in their actions it could expose the public to danger. For that reason the tactics are informed by the standard of driving of the suspect, time of day and apparent risk to all involved.”

“It is a use of force, and officers have to justify that. It shows officers are prepared to put themselves in danger.”

Police are said to be deploying more covert officers on foot and unmarked vehicles with highly trained drivers to give chase if commanders decide it can be done safely.


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