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dealer sees the positives in end of Victory

Mark Spies of Victory and Indian dealership Freedom Motorcycles, of March, Cambridgeshire, says reaction to news of the cessation of Victory manufacture has been surprisingly positive, stimulating interest in the marque and improving second-hand values.

“The response has been brilliant,” he said. “Victory is an exclusive product, and now it’s even more exclusive. It’s such a good product that people have confidence in it. And Polaris (the manufacturer), a £5bn company, is still there, so there’s every reason to have confidence in the bike and back-up.

“In September we celebrate 15 years with Victory, and I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of bikes we have had to work on on warranty. Glass’s put values up in January and we have 35 Victories in the shop floor. Locally we hear that five Victory models have gone to German buyers.

“We haven’t had any anything negative in reaction to the news. It has been good news for us, and we have exciting news about the Indian range for 2018 to look forward to. It’s all really positive.”

Mark and fellow director Chris Spies made the comments at Expo, where they were checking out the latest product and trends.



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