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Dealers warned about spate of break-ins

Infinity Motorcycles is urging dealers to review their security following a series of smash-and-grab raids on several of its London stores.

Showrooms in Clapham, Chiswick and Holborn were targeted, some more than once, and other dealers in the area report similar problems.

Security footage reveals that the group carrying out the break-ins appears to comprise young males riding scooters. They take Arai helmets in particular, and also stole two Yamaha motorcycles from Infinity Clapham (subsequently recovered), and two machines from Chiswick Honda (still missing).

Infinity director Dave Holloway warns dealers to be on their guard. “These guys aren’t sophisticated. They’re simply smashing their way in through any weak point and making off with what they can carry. It seems likely that, as we upgrade our security, they’ll move on to other motorcycle outlets nearby.”

Holloway advises dealers to check their premises for potential entry points. For example, some electric security shutters can be forced open if they are not locked into position, unprotected windows need bars or grilles and doors need to be secured to a high standard.

Anyone in the trade who is offered Arai helmets at a low price should contact Crimestoppers immediately on 0800 555111.

Founded in 1999, Infinity Motorcycles has 14 motorcycle clothing and accessory showrooms stretching from Southampton to Glasgow, plus a nationwide mail order service.


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