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don't be fooled by 'false alarms'

Dealers have been warned not to ignore showroom alarms after a series of break-ins over the past month.

The warning comes after two early-morning raids in which the criminals kept triggering the alarms until staff failed to turn out, assuming that the system was faulty.

Steve Latham, head of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association, told BDN: “In two separate incidents, the showroom alarm was activated three times and the duty person attended to find no intruders and nothing apparently wrong.

“When the fourth alarm went off the staff did not attend as they believed the alarm system was faulty.

“At this point the criminal gang moved in, smashed the door window, damaging the showroom and surrounding machines and made off with new and used high-value, high-power motorcycles.

“This modus operandi was employed twice in one week, causing more than £100,000 of theft and damage and devastating the day-to-day running of these dealerships.

“The message is never to assume your alarm system is faulty and invest in more and more CCTV security monitoring.”

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