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don't forget to have your say

Dealers are being urged by their representative body to have their say in the autumn Dealer Attitude Survey. The survey is conducted by the National Motorcycle Dealers Association to gauge sentiment in showrooms across the nation, and must be returned by the date that is everyone’s minds, 31 October.

The survey explores the relationship between franchised dealers and their respective manufacturers.

“The six-monthly questionnaire provides dealers with the chance to comment on the industry and current issues,” said NMDA chief Stephen Latham. “All entries are handled confidentially to ensure the sentiment is averaged across the country to get a balanced picture of what really is affecting your business.

“As the survey is confidential, it affords motorcycle franchised dealers the chance to respond honestly to the issues raised. The survey indicates preferred franchises as well as highlighting franchises that are perceived to communicate poorly with their dealers.

“The Dealer Attitude Survey covers many areas that affect dealers, such as stock supply, new models and pricing, labour rates and demo bike requirements. All UK dealers – members and non-members – are asked to participate in completing the survey.”

The survey can be completed online or by completing a hard copy. Anyone requiring a hard copy of the survey form can still contact Stephen Latham.

“We would encourage dealers to complete the survey and return their questionnaires to us,” said Latham.

The NMDA is committed to representing the interests of motorcycle dealers to manufacturers, government, industry stakeholders and consumers. Membership offers a range of comprehensive benefits and services designed to help dealers and their businesses succeed.


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