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DVSA improves mot contingency service

The DVSA says it has made it easier for MOT testing stations to access contingency codes if the testing service goes offline. The latest code can now be picked up instantly if testers try to sign in to the service and find it’s not working.

Until now, if the service has been unavailable testers have had to take time out to contact DVSA to get a code and carry on testing.

Instead of having to call the DVSA  testing stations will immediately be directed to a fall-over page where it’ll be published on the screen in front of them.

The code can only be accessed, however, if the service is down due to a planned or unplanned outage. This means if you’re not able to access the service for any other reason (eg. your individual broadband connection or computer is broken), you won’t see the contingency code.

As outlined in MOT special notice 06-14 and since the switch-over to the new system, testing stations are now responsible for getting their IT equipment fixed if it stops working. The DVSA suggests testers sure they have a back-up 3G or 4G internet connection in place or have a spare laptop on site to temporarily replace your broken broadband or PC.

The DVA says: “If at any point you’re unsure about whether you can legitimately use contingency testing then you can always check by calling our MOT testing service desk on 0330 123 5654 (8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm Saturday – excluding public holidays)

“We’ll then consider your situation on a case-by-case basis and issue a code if you meet our contingency testing criteria.”

To find out more about what when you can’t access the MOT testing service read our MOT testing service: contingency testing guidance on GOV.UK.


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