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eighty CB750s turn out for golden celebration

Eighty rare Honda CB750 motorcycles from the 1960s/70s assembled at The David Silver Honda Collection museum in Leiston, Suffolk to celebrate the CB750’s 50th Anniversary on 29 September. The iconic Honda model was first launched at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1968.

A contest in eight different class categories was held and judged by five industry marque specialists. A glass trophy and certificate was presented to each of the following winners:

Class 1 – Earliest VIN No. Honda CB750. Winner = Ole Larsen from Sweden with his 1969 CB750

Class 2 – Earliest UK Honda CB750. Winner = Michael Taylor from Kent with his 1969 CB750

Class 3 – Most Original (unrestored) Honda CB750. Winner = David Warton from Suffolk with his 1973 CB750-K3

Class 4 – Best Presented Honda CB750. Winner = Karen Wicks from Lincolnshire with her 1972 CB750-K2

Class 5 – Furthest Travelled (Ridden to the event) Honda CB750. Winner = Nick Harvey from Inverness, Scotland (605 miles)*

Class 6 – Highest Mileage Honda CB750. Winner = Chris Rushton from Nottinghamshire with his 1969 CB750 (134,943 miles)

Class 7 – Best Custom Special Honda CB750. Winner = Julian Clements from Buckinghamshire with his unique racer special CB750

Class 8 – Judges Favourite Honda CB750. Winner = Tony Brown from Lancashire with his rare Pre-Production CB750.

* Erling Kleve was due to arrive from Norway on his Honda CB750 but he was forced to retreat due to heavy snow!

Event sponsors were Bonhams Auctions; Hagerty Insurance; The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club; Dream Machine Superpaint; Motion Works Managment and David Silver Spares.

The organisers thanked the judges, with special mention of Colin Seeley and also Vic World who travelled from California especially for the event.

As well as the contest, all visitors enjoyed free entry to the 190+ collection Honda motorcycle museum plus the opportunity to purchase memorabilia and classic Honda spares.

Event video and photos will be live on within the next 10 working days.


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