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emissions test on the go

In a world where there is much more emphasis on clean fuels and care for the environment, The Jekill and Hyde Company makes sure that all exhaust systems are compliant with the latest emission standards. Measuring exhaust emissions is a big part of making sure these standards are reached.

Measuring the emission while riding a motorcycle out on the road, has always been considered very hard. The Jekill and Hyde Company and the British company Cambustion decided not to settle for this assumption and decided to work together and build a test setup. The team mounted testing equipment on a Harley-Davidson Sport Glide and set it up for measuring emissions while riding the motorcycle in Cambrigde, UK.

After test rides, measurements and collecting data the operation turned out to be a success. The team managed to successfully test emission in a live situation. A giant leap in the world of driving emission, which is extremely helpful in meeting the highest air quality standards possible.

Read the full article from Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde:

Read the full article from Mark Peckham, Director at Cambustion Ltd.:


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