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EXPO: Canadian Level 2 Jeans for UK

Based in southern Spain, Pulso Creativ launched Resurgence Gear bike jeans in Britain last year. The Canadian brand is aimed at the upper end of the jean market, retailing at £240, which includes Knox armour. According to director Chris McKittrick, its Pekev lining doesn’t degrade over time, through washing or in sunlight, and allows it to pass the Level 2 abrasion test, at 10.8 seconds. Similarly equipped jackets and hoodies are available for the same price.

“We’re aimed specifically at the custom and cafe culture,” said McKittrick. “It’s a growing section, casual clothing for the urban rider, with high technology. It’s true there are lots of armoured jeans on the market, but only three of them are approved to Level 2.” 

The jean range starts with the Heritage at £175 retail, and margin across the range is 40 per cent. Pulso also distributes other brands such as Oily Rag T-shirts, but dealers don’t have to take everything.

Pulso has 15 dealers in the UK and would like around 40. Part of the package is all publicity pictures and text which can be quickly downloaded on to the dealer’s own site.


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