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EXPO: Dealers embracing diagnostics, says Texa

Dealers are getting up to speed with the pace of workshop technology, according to Texa UK, which specialises in multi-brand diagnostic tools.

The UK-arm of the Italian company, based in Nelson, Lancashire, said dealers had been resistant to the advantages of its product but now realised that there was no alternative because of increasingly advanced electronics on modern bikes.

Sales manager Dave Gordon said sales growth had, in the past, not reached its full potential, but now progress was being made.

“Over the years, since we started doing Expo, a lot of people were not touching the latest bikes. They were able to fend off technology. Now, we find people we were speaking to five or six years ago who were saying ‘no, I’m not going to get involved’ are now coming to us and talking to us.

“The future has arrived with them. They have got to grab hold of it. Carburetted  bikes are on the way out and fuel injection needs to be regularly checked and tweaked.

“At Expo we have had quite a number of sales leads from people who have never spoken to us before or who have been fending off technology over the years, saying it was ‘not for them’.

“This year they seem to be grasping that they have got to move ahead, that they have got to get involved with technology.”

Gordon said one dealer had explained how he had overcome a reluctance to use the equipment and had, with increasing familiarity, turned it into a money spinner by introducing a second type of service which included a diagnostics check. Done before a bike was stripped down for other work, the diagnostic check actually saved the customer money.

Texa was promoting its latest android-based, bike-specific Axone S diagnostic tool, costing £1495, which includes service updates for the first year. The company also provides training.



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