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find out more about plans for motorcycle training

As reported in our previous story, the DVSA has launched a consultation asking for views on proposals to improve motorcycle training.

The proposed changes for riders are to:
•    revoke compulsory basic training (CBT) certificates of riders who get six penalty points introduce a training course for riders to upgrade their motorcycle licence, instead of passing extra tests
•    restrict riders to riding an automatic motorcycle if they take their CBT course on one
•    consider introducing a theory test that has to be taken before (or as part of) the CBT course
•    change the CBT course syllabus from five parts to four

There are also proposed changes to:
•    improve the motorcycle instructor qualification process
•    improve the way training courses are quality assured
•    introduce an ‘earned recognition’ scheme for motorcycle training schools
•    move the recording of CBT courses from a paper-based system to a digital service

Find out more about how the proposed changes will work and give your views.

Mark Winn, DVSA’s Head of Motorcycling Policy, has also written a blog post taking an in-depth look at the proposals

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