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footfall fine but consumers reluctant to buy

Footfall is not a problem for dealerships but customers are reluctant to commit to larger purchases because of Brexit and other political concerns. That’s the view of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association following the news from the MCIA that motorcycle registrations declined by11% in June for the second consecutive month.

NMDA chief Stephen Latham noted that a total of 11,643 machines were put on UK roads last month – 1446 fewer than the same period last year.

“Most power sectors saw sales decline, with the only exceptions in the 50cc moped market which continued its upward trend for 2019 with sales up 1.7% in June, and sales of the popular trail/enduro bikes up 15.8%.

“Registrations in the 0-50cc sector also increased 10% and in the 126-650cc sector, sales saw a minimal increase of just 1.0%. All other power ranges declined between -11.7% and   -19.5% in June.

“Honda was the leading seller, registering 2129 bikes, followed by Triumph in second place with 1324 registrations and BMW in third place with 1154 bikes registered. The month saw Yamaha drop down to fourth position with just 1119 registrations.”

Latham concluded: “Although motorcycle dealers are still getting plenty of footfall in their showrooms, there is still hesitance from customers who are putting off larger purchases until uncertainty around Brexit and other political concerns have been clarified.”


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