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Fowlers parts goes green – and saves money

Bristol-based motorcycle spares distributor Fowlers Parts is going green with its packaging.

Fowlers supplies genuine motorcycle parts from 13 different manufacturers, carrying more than 100,000 lines in stock and sending out hundreds of parcels every day. The company says it has been able to convert almost all key packaging materials to recyclable or biodegradable versions – and saved money in the process.

Envelopes lined with plastic bubble-wrap will be replaced with 100% recyclable paper-filled versions, plastic packing tape is being substituted with recycleable paper Ecotape, and all plastic air pillows will be biodegradable in future.

Heavyweight plastic banding – for which there is currently no alternative – will only be used for heavy parcels, reducing usage by over 90%.

Fowlers is looking into replacing shrink wrap with an eco-friendly reusable alternative – except where specifically required by customer, reducing usage by more than 95%. This could save up to a tonne of shrink wrap per year, which would stretch for 90 miles, the distance from Bristol to Birmingham!

Warehouse manager Warren Lane said: “We’d gone into the matter believing we would be financially worse off by implementing the policy, and were aiming to find out by how much we’d be out of pocket. Having done all our calculations, we were amazed to discover that going over to more eco-friendly packaging was actually going to save us money. Our findings were a pleasant surprise. For example, the savings we make minimising the usage of banding and shrink-wrap will offset the higher price of the recyclable paper-filled envelopes.”

The business is also investigating the best way to deal with food waste, and is converting to low energy LED lighting throughout their premises.

Joint MD Stephanie Fowler is “passionate about being kind to our beautiful planet Earth” and hopes that other motorcycle wholesalers and mail-order retailers will be inspired to follow Fowlers’ lead.


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