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good tyre deal for amca members

The AMCA (Amateur Motor Cycle Association) has secured an exclusive member deal with Dunlop tyres for the 2019 season.

An AMCA licence holder can buy a pair of Geomax MX12, MX33 or MX52s at a championship round for £99 and get free fitting on loose wheels or have them delivered for £8 per pair. The deal is being fulfilled by Wheel House Tyres of Birmingham which is providing a tyre fitting service at championship rounds this year.

“The AMCA and Dunlop have worked together for the past five seasons but this year’s offer is the best to date,” says events manager Steve Harvey. “Riders can pre-order and then collect and have their tyres fitted at the event. This is a really good deal for the AMCA’s riders but it also gives the AMCA Championship a touch of class previously reserved for professional championships.”


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