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Helmet brand with designs on custom scene

Moto Tattoo is launching a “unique” helmet design facility for dealerships.

Using in-store kiosks with tablet computers, the Wrexham company will offer motorcyclists the chance to choose a helmet from its Force range, choose a design, then personalise it further by adding their name or some other unique touches.

Behind the idea and the process, currently being patented, are Kim Mathers and Simon Neill, who has extensive experience in the helmet industry.

The partners, who employ two other people, plan to sell 4500 personalised Force helmets in the first year from 50 dealership kiosks.

The turnaround on an order is one week.

“Plain helmets are boring,” says the Moto Tattoo website, “tattooed helmets are cool.

“All our helmets have been designed keeping in mind the utmost safety, comfort and styling. We offer lightweight fibreglass and TPR alloy resin construction.”

The Chinese-made Force helmets, two of which are already ACU approved, range in price from £119 to £319 for the carbon version. There is a range of “old school” helmets from £170 to £250, inclusive of graphics.



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